Frequently Asked Questions

This can depend on the breed of dog but most would do well with every 6 to 8 weeks

It is important to keep your dogs toenails trimmed at a reasonable length. When the nails get too long it causes the dogs toes to twist which causes the dog to walk differently and could cause shoulder and hip problem. We recommend a clipping at least once a month, and no more than once every two weeks. There is no need for an appointment if you come in anytime between 10am and 2pm. We will clip your dogs toenails while you wait.

All dogs must be bathed before they get their proper haircuts. We need to groom them with clean hair so as not to damage our tools.

We except cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

We recommend bringing in your puppy as soon as they have received their shots. The more familiar we can make them in the earlier stages, the more comfortable and familiar they will be with grooming down the road. 

If you’re dog gets along well with others they are more than welcome to stay in our daycare, for an extra free. We do have cage free grooming upon request. Otherwise they will be staying in a kennel with a comfy blanket

We do not use heat drying cages. Our cage fans circulate the room temperature. A majority of the dogs groomed are hand dried with a stand dryer while being brushed and fluffed.

Your dog is more than welcome to stay with us until closing. A great option is having them hangout in our dog daycare where they will be able to lay on cots and play with friends.

There is no dog that we will not try and work with on the grooming side, but if it becomes dangerous for the groomer or dog then we must turn them away. But we are more than willing to try.

We cannot groom your dog while you are there watching because dogs tend to become so excited while you’re there that they will not stand still and focus on what is going on. While grooming we are very invested in the safety of your pet. Keep in mind we are working with sharp tools, so the more still and focused they can be, the better. You’re more than welcome to call and check on your pet anytime while they are with us.

Pricing is based on breed, hair length, the condition of your pet’s skin, it’s temperament, age, and grooming history. For an estimate, please feel free to call.

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